Target Birthday

When my youngest daughter asked for a Target-themed Birthday, I couldn’t pass up such a fun theme. Also, she made it so simple by laying out exactly how she expected the party to go.

Below is the list she had me write out with clear instructions for her 6th birthday celebration:

  1. Go to Target with the whole family and each person choose a gift for me.
  2. Also buy a piñata with filler.
  3. Come home and Mommy hides the gifts for me to find as a “surprise” scavenger hunt.
  4. Mommy, we don’t need a cake because we can get cake pops and “Puppacinos” (Strawberry Frappuccinos) from Starbucks*
  5. We eat breakfast for Dinner. Don’t forget the bacon!
  6. Everyone sing “Happy Birthday” to me, eat cake and then we do the piñata.

*I couldn’t resist getting a Bullseye cake from our favorite local bakery. She loved the cake so no hard feelings for deviating slightly from her plans!

The day turned out exactly how she wanted. Smiles all around!

Items I used for our table setting: White Plates / Red Plates / Placemats / Starbucks Cups / Cricut Made Sign with Red Cardstock on White Kraft Paper

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