Super Bowl Party

This year’s Super Bowl is historic with Tom Brady going for his SEVENTH ring, while being the oldest player to ever play in a Super Bowl – wow! Unfortunately, we don’t have a big party planned, but we’re still going to be festive.

We started a tradition a few years back where we create a menu based on the food from the area where the teams are from so this year we’re serving up Kansas City BBQ (ribs and wings!) and representing Tampa Bay Area we’ll have Gulf Shore Shrimp and Stone Crab.

Super Bowl is more fun when wearing Custom Matching Shirts!

When planning a Super Bowl party we like to make it fun for the football enthusiasts and the non-football fans. We play Squares for prizes, TV Commercial BINGO and games like Football Toss, Cornhole and Beirut (beer pong but we keep it kid-friendly with water).

As a former New Englander and now living in Michigan, I’m rooting for the GOAT – Go Bucs!

For more football-themed party ideas, check out our Football Party post!

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