Travel Tips

Packing… and Unpacking… 

Packing is all about efficiency before, during and after the trip. I use these Packing Cubes when we travel. Each of our kids has their own color. Upon arrival, they grab their cubes and choose a drawer for a quick unpack.

The packing cubs are a lifesaver if you’re traveling to different locations or have day trips planned throughout your vacation; you can take one day of clothes for the family in a cube!

I love a quick unpack. I use this Compact Laundry Bag while traveling; then when we come home, I toss it into the laundry room and done! I like to have at least two bags to divide the laundry as we travel for even more convenience, but we’re a large family, and I’m crazy sometimes. For longer trips, I pull out these Large Mesh Laundry Bags.

If you’re going somewhere with swimming or if you have younger kids who may spill on or wet themselves, I suggest packing a few extra Plastic Storage Bags / Ziploc Bags or these Waterproof Reusable Bags if you’re unable to dry them before you leave.

On the Go… 

I can’t recommend this Pock-it Stroller enough if you’re looking for a compact stroller. The Pock-it stroller folds small enough to fit under your seat on the plane or in the compartment above. We have two of them and have traveled all over on cobblestone and through ancient ruins. They’re durable and compact!

While traveling in London, our kids wanted to run around so I folded it and placed it under our friend’s infant stroller – that’s convenient!

This stroller has been All over!

On the Plane….

When our girls were younger, we’d pack their milk in these Freezer Lunch Bags to keep them cool on the plane or on road trips. The bags are easy to reuse and come in fun designs!

I love my Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones; however, for my kids, I didn’t want to splurge on the high-priced pair, instead I opted for these Noise Cancelling Headphones that are amazing, plus they come in fun colors!

Collapsible Water Bottles are great for travel. I’m over buying $10 bottles of water at the airport and having airplane drinks spilled on me when someone jumps up to go to the bathroom! I got ours for one of our hiking trips. They easily clasp onto bags and collapse for easy storage in your luggage.

For entertainment, our younger girls love their Amazon Fire Tablets that we’ve downloaded with plenty of movies and games through our Prime Membership. With the kids case, they are virtually indestructible — my daughter dropped it two stories to the ground and not a single scratch!

We also have iPads for our older daughters and this iPad Case  is amazing for kids for use and durability.

Our kids love arts and crafts so this Create & Carry Kit is perfect for them. They also love Melissa & Doug Travel Activities (Water Wow! // Scratch Art // Sticker Activity // Travel Memory Game) that keep them busy on the place — I like bringing them when we go out to eat, too.

The first time I traveled alone with my younger daughters, I brought small bags of surprises (recycled from the bottom of our toy bin at home). It was amazing how each bag of goodies occupied them on our four-hour flight. However, I quickly learned to make sure I save some for the flight home!

Quick Links to All The Essentials:

Disney Cruise Packing Tips

You will find so many lists online of hundreds of things you never thought to bring with you, and quite frankly, probably don’t really need! Here are a few of ours that we’ve found helpful in our experiences.

Some of our Go-To Disney Cruise Essentials: Pirate Kit // Travel Backpack // Water Shoes // Mickey Ears // Disney Drawstring Bags // Save money and bring your own Autograph Book // Waterproof Phone Case // USB Charger // Sea Band // Lanyard // Tide Packets // Action Camera
DIY Luggage Tags make great Fish Extender Gifts and help you find your luggage at Baggage Claim — Available on our Etsy Shop!

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