Home Depot Birthday Party

If you have a Bob the Builder fan in your house then this is the party for YOU! We called up our local Home Depot and asked if we could have a party and they granted our wish! Can you even believe it?

Home Depot handled every little detail. They decorated the break room with balloons, gave us a tour + showed us how tools worked, and each party goer got to build & decorate their own race car! Yes, please! We brought the cake + party favors and hands down one of my favorite parties to date!

Hats and added a bow for the girl hats, Stickers

The aprons + hats were too cute on all the kiddos!

Hard Hats // Party Plates //  Tablecloth // Balloons // Napkins // Cupcake Toppers // Cookie Cutter // Invites // Paint your Own // Tool Bench // Stickers // 

Don’t forget Home Depot has kid workshops on Saturday’s and they change monthly! Go check out your local store.


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