Tie Dye Party!

My 7-year-old loves crafts and anything colorful so it was no surprise when she asked for a tie dye-themed birthday party. She decided to have her party at our local craft makery where the kids made different tie dye crafts, ate pizza and rainbow fruit and ended with a tie-dye cake.

Our Rainbow fruit display with Premium Rainbow Utensils and Tie Dye Cocktail Napkins

The makery provided favor bags with art-themed items. We added the tie dye tags — get yours below! — and tie dye sugar cookies.

Our daughter also brought in treats for her classmates at school. There is a no food policy for birthday celebrations so she decided to give everyone jumbo bouncy balls and sequin slap bracelets.

Non-food School Treat: Bouncy Balls and Sequin Slap Bracelets

We also celebrated at home with a family party featuring her favorite foods, rainbow/tie dye everything including this colorful wrapping paper, tie-dye table runner, premium rainbow plates and silverware, and a piñata for more fun!

After Halloween, we do not need any more candy or sugar in the house so we opted of non-food items as filler. Her piñata was filled with  Play-doh, Scented Markers,Washable Markers, Paintbrushes, Paint.

Rainbow 7 Piñata filled with  Play-doh, Scented Markers,Washable Markers, Paintbrushes, Paint.

Tie Dye Party in a Pin

Tie-Dye Slap Bracelets ~ Tie Dye Balloons ~ Tie Dye Tablecloth Roll ~ Tie Dye Favor Bags ~ Pack of Cotton White T-Shirts ~ Tie Dye Kit ~ Tie Dye Mini Notebooks ~ Tie Dye Mini Beachballs ~ Tie Dye Cupcake Cups ~ Tie Dye Plastic Tablecloth ~ Tie-Dyed Pennant Banner ~ Tie Dye Hanging Party Decorations ~ Tie-Dyed Tablecover ~ Tie Dye Party Favors Pack ~ Premium Tie Dye Party Bags, Tie-Dye Drawstring Bags ~ Rainbow Candles ~ Rainbow Tie Dye Napkins ~ Marble Tie Dye Swirl Balloons ~ X-Large Block Party Tie Dye Kit ~ Tie Dye Party Supplies Pack


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