Christmas Crafts and DIY Decor

One of our favorite Advent Calendar activities to do is make a Christmas craft. They can be made at home or even at those “make your own” pottery type of places! My kiddos love to go and paint ornaments to give grandparents every year.

Red Nose, Eyes, Paint, Salt Dough

This year, I wanted to mix in more metallics with my traditional decor so I went to Pinterest for inspiration and decided to make these beautiful metallic “Christmas tree” cones. I also found them online for $50+ for three so I was happy to do a little DIY on this one and save some money!

Glitter ConesSpray Paint your Paper Mâché Craft Cones. Once dry, brush on Modge Podge and top with glitter (Gold Glitter // Silver Glitter // White Glitter // Crystal Glitter). Let this sit before repeating 3-4 times and finishing with Modge Podge Sealer to keep the glitter in place.

I also left some of the Paper Mâché Craft Cones spray painted as a contrast to the more decorated ones!

Lace Cones Modge Podge lace (I liked this Gold Lace and this White Lace) onto a Styrofoam Cone. Once dry, you can remove the lace from the cone to stand alone. I made 2-3 layers of lace with Modge Podge glue to make it more sturdy.

Pearl Cones — I used a hot glue gun to glue this beautiful Pearl Lace to a thespray painted Paper Mâché Craft Cones (Set of 12) to create a cone decorated with pearl. You can also use different decorative ribbon with the same technique. I loved this Diamond Ribbon that comes in Gold, Silver, Crystal and other colors. It gave a similar glitter look with a little less mess!

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