Studio 54 Party

Travel back in time to a night at the iconic nightclub of the 70’s: Studio 54!

We planned a Studio 54-themed party with proceeds benefitting a local charity. The evening was filled with sequins, bellbottoms, metallic everything and an “anything goes” attitude. Below are some of our DIY decor items and highlights from the event!

We used a lot of Foil Curtains in different colors and lengths throughout the venue and of course Disco Balls of varying sizes!
One of our centerpiece decor items was this Studio 54 sign with lights embedded in with the gold accents. We used the following items to create it: Black Foam Board, Gold Circle StickersGlitter Gold StickersSilver Circle Stickers,  White Lights 
These simple, yet impactful, accent pieces are made with the following items: Vases, Gold Glitter Ribbon, Feathers, Bouquet Holders and String Gems
DISCO Neon Sign using: Neon Letter LightsBlack Foam BoardGlitter Ribbon — We tucked the wires under the gold ribbon and secured the battery boxes to the back prior to installing.

Another Cricut-Made item! We used: CricutWhite CardstockBlack Kraft Paper, Adhesive Spray, Silver Glitter and Command Strips to install on the walls!

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