Halloween is always a fun time to bring out the creative treats and spooky decorations! Below are some of our favorites throughout the years and supplies to help you create them on your own!

Mummy Juice Boxes: Juice Boxes, Googly Eye Stickers, Mummy Wrapping and Halloween Water Bottles: Halloween Water Bottle Stickers, Black Water Bottle Stickers

Halloween Pudding Graveyards: Milano Cookies, Pudding, Cookie Writing Pen

Mummy Pretzel Rods: Pretzel Rods, White Melting Chocolate, Edible Candy Eyes, Halloween Candy Eyes

BOO Brunch
Candy corn waffles — all time favorite Halloween breakfast!
“Pumpkin” face waffles
“Pumpkin” fruit plate
Our favorite Halloween dinner
Pudding Graveyard cups: Pudding Cups ~ Ghost Peeps Marshmallows ~ Pumpkin Candy Corn
Sugar Cookie Cutouts: Halloween Cookie Cutters ~ Funfetti Halloween Icing with Sprinkles
Halloween Bark
Spooky Treats

Halloween is also a great excuse to get new pajamas for the whole family!

Glow-in-the-Dark PJs ($25) I’m so FaBOOlous PJs ($23) Purple Witch PJs ($20) Pumpkin PJs ($15) Minnie Mouse PJs ($20) Mickey Mouse PJs ($15)  Dancing Skeleton PJs ($14) Heart Skeleton PJs ($14) Skateboard Skeleton PJs ($14) Mummy PJs ($16) Purple Skeleton PJs ($13) Family Trick or Treat PJs ($15) Family Orange Plaid PJs ($20) Cat & Pumpkin PJs ($20) Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton PJs ($13)

Check out our You’ve been Boo’d Post dedicated to BOO and BOOzed Buckets with free printable gift tags! They are a Halloween tradition that our kids love delivery to neighbors and friends!

Spooky playroom decor

If your little one has a birthday in October, consider a Pumpkin Patch-themed birthday! We have a whole post dedicated to the one we did when our son turn one!

Banner, Invite, Cake Topper , Popcorn Boxes, Favor Bags, First Year Banner, Pumpkin Candy Jar, Birthday Plates, Book, Suckers, Highchair Banner, Straws, Chalkboard First Year Sign, Kisses, Pumpkin Poms, Shirt, Utensil Holder

Halloween movies are always fun to see again and again leading up to the 31st! These are some of our favorite family-friendly ones!

Don’t forget to have The Great Pumpkin arrive bringing all sorts of fun for your little ones. This is a family favorite tradition the kids always look forward to each year!


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